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Meet the NEW Sunny Soaker Pass.

Glenwood Springs is home to one of the best après ski experiences in the country, if not the World, and we’re extremely excited to offer the NEW Sunny Soaker Pass that makes it a cinch to cap a great day on the mountain with a rejuvenating soak in the World’s largest natural hot springs pool.

The Sunny Soaker Pass adds season-long soaking at Glenwood Hot Springs in addition to skiing and riding everyday of Sunlight’s 115-day season running from Dec. 8, 2017 to April 1, 2018. 

Sunny Soaker Pass (ages 18 to 64): $605 ($705 if purchased after 10/31)

Senior Soaker Pass (ages 65-and over): $429 ($529 if purchased after 10/31)

Student Soaker Pass (ages 13-17): $459 ($559 if purchased after 10/31)

Already have your 2017-18 Season Pass? You can upgrade to a Soaker Pass! 

Soaker Pass Upgrade Adult (18-64) : $165

Soaker Pass Upgrade Senior (65 and over) : $135

Soaker Pass Upgrade Student (13-17) : $165

Browse the menus below to shop our selection of season pass options. Questions? Call 970-945-9425.


NEW for 2017/18: Season pass holders enjoy 3 FREE days at Kiroro ski area on Japan's North Island plus you get 3 FREE days at Masella ski resort in the Spanish Pyrenees!

Pluadditional "ski free" days at Silverton, Colo., Snow King, Wyo., Lookout Pass, Idaho, Mission Ridge, Wash., and Eaglecrest, Alaska. And you save 10% off all food items at Outer Bounds Grill and Red Rock Diner in Carbondale. And, get $10 off full service oil changes at Grease Monkey in Glenwood Springs.

PLUS: As a season pass holder at Sunlight, you always receive 10% discounts on gear and apparel at Sunlight Ski & Bike 


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Sunny Soaker Pass

The Sunny Soaker Pass is valid during Sunlight’s regular season running from Dec. 8, 2017 to April 1, 2018. The Sunny Soaker Pass is not valid at Glenwood Hot Springs after April 1, 2018, but additional days may be added to the pool pass by contacting the business office at Glenwood Hot Springs. A liability waiver must be completed and signed in order to obtain this pass. Please read terms and conditions before purchasing. Click the Purchase button to view the terms and continue. Prices subject to increase after 10/31/17. 

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Upon making this online purchase you will receive an email receipt that will serve as a proof of purchase. Bring the receipt with you to receive your Sunny Soaker Pass.

You will be issued two pass cards, one for skiing, and one for the hot springs. Ski passes can be obtained at the Sunlight ticket office or at Sunlight Ski & Bike, 309 9th St., Glenwood Springs during select pass processing hours. Please call Sunlight Ski & Bike for more information on obtaining your pass.

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool passes will be available 48 hours after purchase. Please go to either the Business Office during regular hours Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or to the Pool Lobby during evenings and weekend. A photo will be taken in order to produce your pass. 

Sunlight Mountain Resort and Glenwood Hot Springs reserve the right to revoke the Sunny Soaker Pass without refund for the following reasons:

1.) Violating pool rules;

2.) Granting use of the pass to others;

3.) Using Glenwood Hot Springs' parking lots for unauthorized purposes. Parking is available to use while attending/using Glenwood Hot Springs' "fee" facilities. Loitering is not permitted.

4.) There is a $2.00 fee for each entry to Glenwood Hot Springs when membership card is not presented.

5.) There is a $5.00 fee for replacing a pass. All replacement pass requests must be done at the Sunlight lift ticket office. Glenwood Hot Springs will not issue replacement passes. Questions? Email

6.) The Sunny Soaker Pass is non-transferrable and non-refundable.

The information presented in this form for a Sunny Soaker Pass to Sunlight Mountain Resort and Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is true and complete. I understand that failure to comply with the above conditions will be cause for revocation without refund. By continuing with this online purchase I hereby agree to all terms and conditions as stated. 

Individual Passes

Individual Season Passes - New Dawn Pricing Ends Oct. 31!

Adult (18-65) $459 (reg. $559)
Student (13-17) $319 (reg. $419)
Child (6-12) $219 (reg. $319)
College (I.D. req’d)  $359 (reg. $459)
Young Senior (65-79) $319 (reg. $419)
Carefree Skier (5 & under; 80 & older) FREE
Midweek Pass (M-F only, includes blackouts)* $319 (reg. $419)
10 Day Pass $349 (reg. $469)
5 Day Pass $369 (reg. $469)
Powder Day Pass (load lifts 1/2 early on days with 4 inches or more) $50 (reg. $100)
Sunlight Bus Pass $60 (reg. $100)
Savings Card (card holders save $25 per lift ticket. Limit 1 lift ticket purchase per card, per day) $50 (reg. $100)
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Family Pass

Thank you for choosing the Sunlight Family Pass! Families can save even more with the MAX Family Pass. Select the MAX Family option if your total cost exceeds our current MAX Family Pricing.

1.) Shop the options below. 

2.) Precalculate your total purchase price. 

3.) If your family pass total is less than the current MAX Family pricing, add each family member individually to your shopping cart. 

4.) If your family pass total is equal to or greater than the current MAX Family pricing, simply add MAX Family to your shopping cart and proceed to check out. We will collect individual family member information when we process your passes.

Question? Call 970-945-9425 or email

1st Adult (18+)* $449 (reg. $549)
Additional Adults $419 (reg. $519)
Add College Student (full time I.D. req’d) $349 (reg. $449)
Add Student (13-17) $299 (reg. $399)
Add Child (6-12) $219 (reg. $319)
Add Child 5 & Under FREE
Add Adult 80 & Over FREE

Maximum Cost Per Family



*At least one adult and one other dependent aged six to 79 as claimed on your 2016 tax returns. All age requirements must be met before December 1, 2017. 

Purchase Family Pass
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Learn to Shine Pass

3 Days of Lessons and 5 Day Pass

with ski/snowboard rental


3 Days of Lessons and 5-Day Pass

without ski/snowboard rental





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Corporate Pass

First pass $1,050
Add Second Pass $975
Add Powder Pass $70 per pass
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