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Lessons for 7 & Older

Ski & Snowboard Lessons for the 2023/24 season can be reserved online.

At Sunlight, we prioritize personalized learning, keeping our instructor-to-student ratios low to offer you the best individual attention. However, this also means that lesson slots can fill up fast, particularly on weekends and during peak holidays like MLK, President's weekend, or Spring Break. To secure your spot, we strongly advise booking your lessons as early as possible. If your preferred time/date is already full, don't worry; simply choose another time that suits you. If your preferred time is still not available or you are having any other difficulties reserving your lesson, please email us at

When it comes to renting ski and snowboard equipment, especially during busy periods like holidays and Spring Break, we recommend reaching out to Sunlight Ski & Bike ahead of your visit to Sunlight Mountain Resort. This ensures that you have the gear you need, making your visit smooth and enjoyable. Your adventure starts with a simple call or email, and we're here to assist you every step of the way.

For more questions about lessons and/or availability, please email us at, or for our ski and bike rental shop, email us at

You can find lesson information and pricing below. 

Group Lessons

Available Online Now

Two-Hour Group Lessons

We offer daily two-hour group ski and snowboard lessons for kids and adults starting at age 7. If this is your first time on skis or snowboards, choose our All-Inclusive lesson package or onsider our multi-lesson Learn-to-Shine package for the best overall value!

Morning Lesson: 9:30am to 11:30am (please check-in at 8:30am)
Afternoon Lesson: 12:30pm to 2:30pm (please check-in at 11:30pm)

Lesson Rates


All-Inclusive lesson + lift ticket + rentals      $160
Two hour lesson  + rentals      $130
Two hour lesson  + lift ticket       $120
Two hour lesson only      $95


Rentals include: helmet, skis/snowboard, boots, ski poles if needed.

Learn to Shine - Lesson Package

(Available Only By Contacting Us Directly)


Three (2hr) Lessons* + 5-Day Pass

Embark on your winter sports journey with our Learn-to-Shine package, tailored for beginners seeking an immersive learning experience. Once you're done with your lessons, you'll receive a (5)-day lift pass, giving you the freedom to continue shredding.

This package includes lift tickets and rental equipment for your initial three lessons, ensuring a hassle-free start to your skiing or snowboarding journey. Once you've completed your lessons, rental equipment can be conveniently arranged at Sunlight Ski & Bike Shop in town or at the mountain rental shop. 

*You must still reserve your lesson. Lessons may not be guaranteed without contacting us first for availability.

Learn-to-Shine package: $465

QUESTIONS? Email us at


Sunny Pick - 3 Lesson Package

(Available Only By Contacting Us Directly)


Three-2hr Lessons - You Pick the Days

Opting for this package is a smart way to keep more money in your pocket, as it comes at a lower cost than the Learn to Shine package. The key difference is that this package does not include the addition of a 5-day lift pass. Enjoy all the learning benefits while making an economical choice that suits your needs.

With the Sunny Pick 3, you enjoy three (3) two-hour lessons on the dates of your choice*

*Important: You must still reserve your lessson. Lessons may not be guaranteed without contacting us first for availability.

 Sunny Pick 3: $385

Email us to reserve your Sunny Pick 3 at

Private Lessons

(Available Only By Contacting Us Directly)


Two-Hour Private Lessons

Discover the incredible benefits of private instruction at Sunlight. Our personalized one-on-one sessions offer a level of attention and learning tailored exclusively to you. It's an opportunity to enhance your skills or introduce a newcomer to the world of skiing or snowboarding with undivided focus.

However, please note that private lessons are in high demand. Availability during peak times, including Christmas holidays, MLK, Presidents' Day weekend, and Spring Break, may be limited. To ensure you secure your spot for this exclusive experience, we recommend booking well in advance. While private lessons might not be available during these peak periods, the rest of the season offers the perfect chance to enjoy the perks of personalized instruction. Don't miss out on the valuable insights and individualized attention private lessons provide – reserve your session today!

See rates below. Email us to check availability for your two-hour private lesson at

Two-Hour Private Rates

 All-Inclusive lesson + lift ticket + rentals  $265
 Two hour private lesson  + rentals  $235
 Two hour private lesson  + lift ticket  $235
 Two hour private lesson only  $205


Rentals include: helmet, skis/snowboard, boots, ski poles if needed.


  1. Choose your date of arrival. 
  2. Click on the orange button for the lesson of your choice. 
  3. Choose your lesson option.
    • (NOTE: If you do not see your desired lesson date and/or start time, that item may already be sold out, or within the 72 hour booking window - please email us at to check for availability).
  4. View your shopping cart and complete the transaction.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation with further instructions on your lesson. 
  6. Please note that all lessons require a lift ticket. If you don’t already have a lift ticket or season pass, please purchase one of our lesson packages which includes a lift ticket!* 

*Your lift ticket will be valid for the remainder of the day.


Not sure what to expect for your first day on the slopes? Read these tips on how to dress for skiing and snowboarding. 


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