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Learn to Ski & Ride at Sunlight

If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.   -Warren Miller

Starting the journey of learning to ski or snowboard is an experience like no other. Sunlight's pristine slopes, expert instructors, and welcoming atmosphere make it the perfect place to begin your snowy adventure. From conquering your first run to mastering advanced techniques, every moment on the mountain is filled with excitement and accomplishment. 

At Sunlight, we're all about making your journey into skiing or snowboarding as fun as it is rewarding. So gear up, come hit the slopes, and we'll help you discover the pure joy of skiing or snowboarding!

We offer a variety of lesson options for skiers as young as 3, as well as for those who decide to pick up the sport later in life.

Explore all of our lesson options below.

Lessons for Ages 3-6

Discover the magic of skiing with us! At Sunlight, we're the masters of turning hesitant youngsters into fearless slope explorers. Our secret? We transform the learning process into an adventure brimming with laughter, games, and cherished memories. We specialize in banishing those ski slope jitters with patience, care, and expert guidance.

Safety is our guiding star - we've got it covered so your little ones can focus on having a blast. We're all about fueling the thrill of the mountains while ensuring that safety and fun reign supreme. Join us today and watch your child's confidence soar as their ski dreams take flight!


Lessons For 7 & Older

Skiing and snowboarding aren't just for the young, they're for the young at heart, too! We're all about making winter sports a blast for kids aged 7 and above, as well as adventurous adults. Whether you're a first-time snow enthusiast or aiming to take your skills to the next level, we've got you covered.

Our experienced instructors know just how to turn those tentative first steps into exhilarating mountain journeys. With the perfect blend of patience and enthusiasm, we'll help you conquer the slopes with confidence. Safety is our top priority, and we've got a soft spot for fun. So, get ready to shred the powdery trails, make new friends, and create epic memories. Come join us and let the mountain adventures begin!

Reserve your lesson by clicking here, or follow the link below to learn about our various lesson options.


Adaptive Lessons


Accessibility is at the heart of our mission. We firmly believe that the thrill of skiing and snowboarding should be for everyone, regardless of physical challenges. That's why we proudly offer adaptive lessons, catering to individuals of all abilities. Our dedicated team of instructors is trained to provide tailored support, ensuring that each learner can experience the pure joy of gliding down the slopes. We're passionate about breaking down barriers and opening up the snowy wonderland to everyone. Come join us, and let's create unforgettable mountain moments that redefine the meaning of inclusivity and adventure.

For questions about our adaptive ski/snowboard lessons, please email us at  

Capture your experience

Rapid Image Photography at Sunlight offers scenic mountain photos, ski and snowboard lesson photos, special events, and a private photo experience. Don't miss capturing those first precious turns!


What to Wear

Not sure what to expect for your first day on the slopes? Read these tips on how to dress for skiing and snowboarding. 


Ski School FAQs

Who are lessons recommended for?

Lessons are recommended for anyone who has never skied before, for beginners who want to continue advancing, and for those who are looking to sharpen their skills on more complex terrain.

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